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Monterosso wine

Pleasure in the authentic flavors of Istria

Brut Nature Dosage Zero

Elegant, playful bubbles

Extra virgin olive oil

Unique aroma, acquired from our own, Istrian olives

Edi Kante

A master of art who by constant experimentation

creates products through innovation.  They are distinguished by

freshness and elegance, and are found only in the authenticity and purity of nature.







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Monte Rosso is an estate in the village of Crveni Vrh with a very special story that begins and ends with experiences without borders. This story, started in 2006, could not exist without the unity that guides our everyday life.

Among the most important is the unity of nature and man. We believe that by cultivating indigenous plant species best adapted to weather conditions, we create an estate that needs very little human influence to thrive for health and well-being. The coexistence of species planted next to each other is also important here, as they create a diverse and healthy environment that prevents the spread of possible diseases and pests.

We wholeheartedly believe in Istria as a unique region. That is why we connect and actively involve experts from all three parts of the region. They give their invaluable knowledge and experience, thus creating a modern and open company.

Monte Rosso not only connects nations, but is also a bridge between past and future. The once cultivated land, which bore abundant and healthy fruit for domestic growers, was eventually abandoned and overgrown with bushes. We have cleaned and tidied it again so that healthy and quality products will reward our and future generations. We believe that we have turned this beautiful piece of land into a real paradise. So, we decided to share it with everyone who needs a vacation or celebration in this unique setting.

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