About us

About the estate

After many years of business, in 2006 we embarked on a new venture imbued with a passion for wine, history and nature. On the maquis covered and rocky cape of Savudrija, where in some places the land was never cultivated, we found a place where in the following years our idea merged with nature. In addition to the exceptional location, we were also enchanted by the properties of the area. The proximity of the sea here creates a special microclimate, dry and windy, greatly reducing precipitations, which is beneficial for both vines and healthy olive growth.

We entered the market in 2016 with Monterosso Malvasia 2015 wine and the multi-award winning extra virgin olive oil Monte Rosso. Monterosso Nero 2015 from the Montepulciano vine was launched in May 2017, and the first bottles of Monteclassico sparkling wine in the fall.

Our mission is to create top products and experiences in the historically rich and geographically unique region of Istria.

Monterosso team

Davor Dubokovič

»Every time I walk around the estate, I understand why I entered this story with my heart and soul and often ignored reason.« 

Monte Rosso literally changed my view of the world. We sometimes removed stones and macchia from the impassable property with our bare hands. From nothing, we have created everything you see today. I am grateful for the excellent team that shares the vision with me and carefully manages the estate and takes care of the health of the trees that bear high quality fruit.

Uroš Gorjanc

»If circumstances allowed, I would move here permanently and work on the estate.«

Our vision is for Monte Rosso to become synonymous with the highest quality products that are recognized in the international market. The Monte Rosso estate will be used for relaxation in the unique Istrian orchard of olives, vines and fruit trees, and for enjoying the products provided by red soil, full of curative minerals.